Senior Couple Checkup

An outdated couple go to the physician for his or her yearly physicals. One-at-a time the physician brings them into the examination room, beginning with the husband.

“Nicely, Mr. Smith, you’re in nice form for a person your age,” says the physician. The person replies, “Nicely doc, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and the great Lord appears out for me.” “What do you imply?” asks the physician. The outdated man says, “As an illustration, final evening in the course of the evening, I needed to rise up to go to the toilet–and the great Lord turned on the sunshine for me so I wouldn’t fall down.” “That’s good,” mentioned the physician. “Ship your spouse in now, please.”

The spouse is available in and the doc says, “Mrs. Smith, you’re in nice form for a girl your age.” She then says, “Nicely, doc, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke…” The physician interrupts, “and the great Lord takes care of you, proper?” The lady is confused and says, “What are you speaking about?” The physician explains, “Your husband was simply telling me the identical factor–he mentioned that the great Lord takes care of him–like the opposite evening when he needed to go to the toilet, the great Lord turned the sunshine on for him…”

“Bloody hell!” she mentioned, “He peed within the fridge once more!”

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